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Dual Language Education Essentials

Dual Language Education Essentials

Full-Day or Half-Day Professional Development/Professional Learning

Professional Development/Professional Learning opportunities are offered as one or multiple full-day (6-hour PD) or half-day (3-hour PD) sessions and are appropriate for district and school staff committed to Dual Language Education (DLE) programs In-service training are key components for the successful implementation of DLE programs because they both prepare new teachers and deepen the competencies of experienced teachers.  Topics are varied and include a deeper learning of program essentials. Participants will be involved in reflection and decision-making regarding the implementation with fidelity of their DLE program.   

The topics and content of professional development/professional learning are based on the Guiding Principles of Dual Language Education, Third Edition, 2018, specifically from the following Strands: 

  • Strand 2 Curriculum
  • Strand 3 Instruction
  • Strand 4 Assessment and Accountability
  • Strand 6 Support and Resources

Topics and content specific to districts and schools “established” DLE programs include

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